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And now BarCamp Junior in Trivandrum …catching em’ young

Sanjay of MobME has informed me that the first BarCamp Junior was held recently at the College of Engineering, Trivandrum. This was a evening gathering, with the aim of getting students kicked up about starting a company while in college. This was not a typical BarCamp the way we know it, but a nice way of piggybacking on the popularity of this concept, while introducing it to the students and getting them interested about entrepreneurship.

Sanjay is one the main guys behind Torque, a mobile startup that was incubated by a group of students of CET (a couple of years back) while still in their engineering course; Torque has since gone on to become a significant player in the mobile VAS segment in Kerela. They have emerged as something of a role model for others to emulate, and I am told that three startups are now working out of CET Mens Hostel (CET incidentally witnessed a consecutive fourth day of strike!). To take student entrepreneurship to the next level, plans are afloat for some kind of an “Innovation Fund” where 100 Malayalees will put in 1 Lac Each to raise a 1 crore fund, that would be invested in 100 college startups. WOW! I wonder what the college’s management has to say about this…and trust Mallu ingenuity to do something like this (no offence meant)

Check out the snap below….also here & here


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  • cetian February 14, 2008, 5:57 am

    sad that the organisers felt that cet is bereft of any lady fountainheads !

  • Leo February 28, 2008, 3:00 pm

    This might be the first barcamp with a participant coming in ‘lungi’ for the event. check out the man in the center of the pic (no offence intended, am a mallu tooo)

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